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Our Motto;
Trading Trust Globally
Every day, critical business outcomes depend on seamless supply and trading around the globe. Ideally, this distribution should appear to happen naturally, but in reality agressivity and dynamism is required.
That is why Nash Group of companies offer an international team of experts skilled in a disciplined, research-based approach of identifying and delivering profitable trade opportunities while also managing different projects and products.

Market-Based Management
Nash Group of companies are focused on long-term success through the daily application of Market-Based Management
Developed by Nash Group Chairman Mr. K.P.Nair is a holistic approach that englobes five dimensions:
Vision – Determining where and how the organization can create the greatest value.
Virtue and Talents – Helping ensure that people with the right values, skills and capabilities are contracted and developed.
Knowledge Processes – Creating, acquiring, sharing and applying relevant knowledge, and measuring and tracking profitability.
Decision Rights – Ensuring the right people are in the right roles with the right authority to make decisions and holding them accountable.
Persuasion – Rewarding people according to the value they create for the organization.

A Culture of Virtue
Nash Group requires a culture centered around specific attributes. These attributes set the standards for evaluating policies and practices, measuring conduct, establishing norms of behavior and building the shared values that guide individual actions. Our Guiding Principles articulate Nash Group of companies’ rules of just conduct along with our shared values and beliefs:
1. Integrity
Conduct all affairs lawfully and with integrity.
2. Compliance
Strive for 110% compliance, with 100% of employees fully complying 100% of the time. Ensure excellence in environmental, safety, and all other areas of compliance. Stop, think and ask.
3. Value Creation
Create real long-term value by the economic means. Understand, develop, and apply knowledge to achieve superior results.
4. Principled Entrepreneurship
Demonstrate the sense of urgency, discipline, accountability, judgment, initiative, economic and critical thinking skills, and the risk-taking mentality necessary to generate the greatest contribution to the company and society.
5. Customer Focus
Understand and develop relationships with customers to profitably anticipate and satisfy their needs.
6. Knowledge
Seek and use the best knowledge and proactively share your knowledge while embracing a challenge process. Measure profitability wherever practical.
7. Change
Embrace change. Envision what could be, challenge the status quo, and drive creative destruction.
8. Humility
Practice humility and intellectual honesty. Constantly seek to understand and constructively deal with reality to create real value and achieve personal improvement.
9. Respect
Treat others with dignity, respect, honesty, and sensitivity. Appreciate the value of diversity. Encourage and practice teamwork.
10. Fulfillment
Produce results that create value to realize your full potential and find fulfillment in your work.

Valued Trading Team
Team members at Nash Group of companies personally manage global trading. This goes beyond knowledge of transactions and distribution to include a comprehensive involvement with the products being exchanged.
Through teamwork and training, each employee receives opportunities for personal and professional development. This focus on enhanced knowledge and job satisfaction helps prevent the stresses commonly associated with employee burnout in the trading industry.

Today, the company's trading business includes a broad range of various products from hardware, food commodities, solar lights and panels, spare parts for industries of edible oil, sugar mills, supply of complete machineries for paper, soap and oil industries.
With more than four decades of experience, Nash Group of Companies have interests in and access to major international trading regions in the Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

More about Nash Group
Nash Group of companies have a presence in almost 45 countries and employ quality staff in diverse businesses around the world.

Nash Group of Companies work behind the scenes to provide Agro Projects and products, fertilizers, raw materials,diversified projects specially in Bio Agro, Energy and Bio Technologies.

Nash Trading Cº which was established in 1982 in Gibraltar the company grown rapidly and it became a group of companies, incorporating Solua Energy International Ltd., Offshore Management Services, Casa Lisboa in Gibraltar, after some years in 1985 in Lisbon, Portugal more two companies were created, Solua Energia Internacional Lda.and Enerpro- Energia e Projectos Lda.

Solua was the first company in Portugal to install the Solar Panels in Hotel Dom Pedro in Vilamoura –Algarve, this company was specialized in Solar Panels, Hydraulic Tubines, Desalinization Plants etc.Solua and Nash Trading had exported various products for Angola Government, as (Ministerio de Saude) Health Ministry, (Ministerio de Interior) Interior Ministry, Central Leiteira de Luanda etc.etc.

Enerpro was the company which have done several projects on energy savings, power plants gettings lost funds from IAPMEI for various Portuguese companies mainly based in North of Portugal. Still now Enerpro is well known in Portugal where have created very good relations with the clients which are happy with the hard work done by this company.

Ebony International and Eurofluid Ltd. were the companies belonging to same group but established in United Kingdom the first one was involved in trading mainly with African Countries as Angola and Mozambique the second one was specialized in machinery and spare parts supply, this company had clients as The Pacific Princess vessel, Lisnave and Setenave in Portugal.

After years of experience and Trading Trust Globally, Nash Group was officially established in India for the modern world of today, using all latest technolgies and with the new companies as Bacto Power (India) Pvt. Specialized in producing BTI (baccilus thurangiensis israelenss) larvicide which kills mosquito larvae which has been approved by WHO, World Health Organization, in Africa, Maputo –Mozambique there is another company named Bio Power (Africa) Lda. responsible in establishing contacts with Health Ministry in order to use the larvicide in all Mozambique and in very near future in neighbour countries as South Africa, Botswana, Swaziland, Malawi, Tanzania, Zambia, Angola etc.

Nash Agro is the company which have done successfully the first Palm Oil Project in Maganja da Costa (North of Mozambique) initially the project is for 250 acres but during 2011 it will be extensible for a area of 1000 hectars for this project done for Invagro the credit line facility was used through the Exim Bank India .

Nash Agro has various projects all around Africa, Mozambique, Tanzania, Sudan, Angola, Guine Bissau, Senegal and Sierra Leone.

Wellington Exports is the company manufacturing best teas of Assam blending with finest touch of famous blenders well known in the world. Welington can manufacturer also any tea according to the client´s choice and brand. Wellington well known registerd brands are, Golden Sip, which is supplied to the Indian Railways, The Maharani is the export quality Tea mainly exported to Portugal and U.K..

There are also some other brands manufactured for the international groups as Moshin´s Group in New Zeland. Wellington is in negotiations presently with a Big Portuguese Group to introduce her range of Teas in their network in Europe.

Nash Exiim is the Trading Company based in Dubai and it manage to trade various commodities and products from all around the world, the main clients are from Middle East, Africa and Europe.

Nash Group has presence in more than 45 countries worldwide.

We would like to submit that the hallmarks of Nash Group have traditionally been "Efficiency", “Commitments” and “Good Quality Products". These have been tested over the years, giving the company its worthy credentials and credibility. The company has established its roof over the pillars of hard work, sincerity and professional management.

Our International Trade has tremendously benefited our country, resulting in our respective growth. This International Avenue commenced and managed by us has at its base indigenously produced products, a major portion of which comes from the small scale sector - thereby striking a right balance between International achievements and national developments.

Before we stop here …., we would like to thank our customers for giving us support for such a long time and would like to assure them that we would keep up the work and dedicated services which have given our belief to them that we keep our commitments and in return they giving us more business, our team of professionals for being our support and strength & all other connectors & facilitators in our business who have made a great contribution for us to be as we are today & sincerely pray that their support will be there for a long time.

We would also like to highlight that this profile is just an outline of our activities and if you wish to have the specific details of any products we will be much pleased to provide the same as and when asked for.

Thank you very much !


Nash Group

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